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Pitfall! Box
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Released: 1982
Platform: Atari 2600
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Activision
Genre: Action
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Let me introduce myself. I'm Pitfall Harry, veteran jungle explorer. Fortune hunting's my game, and yours, too, if you're daring enough to take this trip with me. Don't be nervous; I'll be your guide through the jungle, and I'm one of the best.

Untold riches are waiting for us in there, but so are dangers a dozen times over. We'll be swinging on vines over bottomless tarpits. We'll be hopping across swamps, using crocodile heads like stepping stones. We'll be searching underground through dark passageways crawling with killer scorpions.

So pack up your backpack and meet me at the jungle at dawn - and we'll be off to seek a king's ransom in gold, diamonds and lost treasures - in Pitfall Harry's Jungle Adventure.

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