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Fallout 2

Released: October 30, 1998
Platform: PC Windows
Publisher: Interplay
Developer: Black Isle Studios
Genre: RPG
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In this postnuclear role-playing game, you are the Chosen One, the direct descendant of the Vault Dweller. The village elders have selected you to wear the sacred Vault-suit of your grandsire and, in time, to ascend to the leadership of your people. First you must prove your devotion to your people. Your tribe needs help. If you are truly the Chosen One, then you alone are capable of claiming the heritage of the Vault Dweller to take back your birthright. Your tribe has survived over 10 years of drought, but now their reserves are at an end. You must find Vault 13 and claim the technology that your tribe needs to survive. If you fail in this quest, your tribe will surely die. You must travel the perilous Wastes on a holy quest to find Vault 13--the same Vault that cruelly cast your grandsire out into the Wastes 80 years ago. The Vault owes you. The Vault owes your tribe. Now it is time to collect.

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