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Zelda's Adventure Box
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Zelda's Adventure

Released: 1995
Platform: CD-i
Publisher: Philips
Developer: Viridis
Genre: Adventure
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It is the Age of Darkness. The evil Gannon has captured the young hero Link. Only Princess Zelda can rescue him. Her journey will be difficult, filled with many challenges and mysteries. Armed only with the advice of the wise court astronomer Gaspra, and the guidance of shurmak, Zelda must set out on her journey deep into the uncharted southeastern region of Hyrule, known as Tolemac. Before she begins, Gaspra warns her that the only way to save Link is to collect the seven celestial signs that Gannon has stolen and that she must overcome one final obstacle: Gannon himself. Once she succeeds, she gains the knowledge and strength to rescue Link and brings the magical land of Hyrule into the Age of Lightness.

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