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Wii Play

Released: February 13, 2007
Platform: Wii
Publisher: Nintendo of America
Developer: Nintendo Co. Ltd
Genre: Compilation
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Bundled with a Wii Remote, Wii Play offers a little something for everyone who enjoyed the pick-up-and-play gaming of Wii Sports.

Wii Play is made up of nine games that will test the physical and mental reflexes of players of all ages. Whether you pick up the Wii Remote to play the shooting gallery that harkens back to the days of Duck Hunt or use it to find matching Miis, a world of fun is in your hands!

In addition to the shooting gallery and Mii-matching game, Wii play offers billiards, air hockey, tank battles, table tennis rally, Mii poses and a cow-riding race.

Best of all? Wii Play comes bundled with a Wii Remote!

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