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bleem! for Dreamcast: Gran Turismo 2 Box
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bleem! for Dreamcast: Gran Turismo 2

Released: May 1, 2001
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: bleem!
Developer: bleem!
Genre: Utility
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As the previous bleem! releases did for the PC, the bleem! for Dreamcast disks allow gamers to play PlayStation titles on their Dreamcast consoles. Users just start the Dreamcast console with the bleem! disk, then replace bleem! with the regular PlayStation disk when prompted. Unlike the bleem! software for other systems, this release for the Dreamcast only supports one PlayStation game, but is available at a lower suggested retail price.

This first release in the planned series allows Dreamcast owners to play the PlayStation version of Gran Turismo 2 on their Sega consoles. Additionally, bleem! uses the superior processing power of the Dreamcast to improve the graphical resolution of the PlayStation games it supports, making the racing game look even better than it would on a PSOne.

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