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Game Genie

Released: 1992
Platform: Genesis
Publisher: Galoob
Developer: Codemasters
Genre: Utility
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Game Genie grants all of your video game wishers!

Game Genie is the video game enhancer that gives you the power to change and customize your favorite video games. Want more power? More speed? More lives? Infinite lives? More weapons? Want to run faster, jump higher, punch harder? Star out on any level that you choose? Even out the competition by giving more lives, powers or abilities to one player?

Game Genie lets you create effects like these on most popular games for the Sega Genesis System. Just plug your favorite video game cartridge into your Game Genie and plug your Game Genie into your game deck. Use the simple step-by-step instruction in your Game Genie manual, you can take command of your video games – and be a video game master!

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