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Icewind Dale II Box
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Icewind Dale II

Released: August 27, 2002
Platform: PC Windows
Publisher: Interplay
Developer: Black Isle Studios
Genre: RPG
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The worst fear of the civilized realms has come true. The Goblinoids have united into an army of outcasts and misfits and they want to call the Ten Towns their own. Massive swarms of Orcs and Worg-mounted Goblins are attempting to overrun the town of Targos, and that's just the beginning! A call has gone out to all those willing to face insurmountable odds in defense of the Ten Towns. Will you heed the call to arms and face the greatest threat to the Spine of the World?
Return to the frigid north of the Forgotten Realms in the sequel to the critically acclaimed Icewind Dale. This exciting high-fantasy action adventure unites 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules, new character classes, and races. Enhancements such as auto-balancing game play and an upgraded Infinity Engine will allow for more dynamic battles than ever before.

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