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Grand Theft Auto II Box
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Grand Theft Auto II

Released: October 27, 1999
Platform: PC Windows
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: DMA Design
Genre: Action
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Stealing Cars Just Isn't Enough Any More - Respect Is Everything! Twenty minutes into the future, and the city's a changed place. It's darker. Dirtier. Meaner. The police are fighting back, and the army might just be lending a hand, Or a tank. And there's not just one Mr Big these days, friend, there's seven. If you want to get anywhere, you're going to need to get noticed. Get noticed and maybe you'll get somewhere. Maybe you'll get rich. Maybe you'll get dead. Grand Theft Auto is back! Set in an eerily familiar, yet futuristic, dark and vast metropolis, you play the role of a lone gunman who is out of cash, out of luck and definitely operates outside the law. Law and order is breaking down. The city has been carved up by ruthless gangs and crime syndicates leaving the police and government to fight an even tougher war to wash scum like you from the city streets. However, the city is yours for the taking if you have the guts and the brains. You start your quest with a car jacking a simple yet, effective crime otherwise known as Grand Theft Auto. Once you take your pick from the thousands of vehicles jamming the dirty city streets, you are on your way to becoming King of the City. There are two ways you can accomplish this feat - find a gang willing to employ your sorry butt or use your ruthless cunning to set the gangs at each other's throats with you wiping out the last few survivors.

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