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Giants: Citizen Kabuto Box
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Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Released: December 7, 2000
Platform: PC Windows
Publisher: Interplay
Developer: Planet Moon Studios
Genre: Action
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Before there was man, before there was Earth, before there was Planet Moon, there was the Island: a massive fragment of shattered planet hurtling through space. One would immediately think "asteroid" at such a description, but this is by no means a dead piece of rock. Even from a distance, its radiant colors and surrounding waterfalls distinguish it as an anomaly amidst the dark void of space. Around it, decayed and splintered asteroids linger like wailful ghosts, jealous of a true beauty they will never have. On this Eden wanders the solitary giant, Kabuto. As far back as he can remember, this has been his home. From whence he came he does not know, apart from one obscure clue in the form of the serial number 001, imprinted on his stomach. He sits alone and longs for company, but the only thing that has descended from the skies or landed upon the shores is death and destruction. He now trusts no one and guards the only thing that has been constant for him: the Island, his home. And woe to anyone who now sets foot on it! In the surrounding seas is a band of survivors called the Sea Reapers. These women once ruled the Island until they were forced to flee by their own creation: Kabuto. Originally created as a protector against alien threats, Kabuto at first obeyed, but as time went by, he became conscious of his pain, his loneliness, himself. His solitude drove him to madness, and he turned on the Sea Reapers, decimating their numbers and forcing the remainder back to their watery origins. Out of this weakness arose a new leader, the Sea Reaper Queen. Badly damaged from its latest battle in space, the Meccaryn spaceship limps toward the closest landmass capable of supporting life, the Island. From orbit, the aliens scan for any possible threat. There is none, for on this chunk of large but beautiful rock only the most primitive of life forms exists. Perfect! Time for repairs. Taking to their landing crafts, they begin their descent into a world that holds their only chance of survival and, unbeknownst to them, a place where they will face Hell itself. Now, don't let their slight frame fool you. Once encased in their large body armor, they are ready for anything or, at least, feel they are. They love a fight, and over time have learnt how to best protect themselves when going up against the ethereal sea women or that rather large giant who dominates the Island. They must travel in numbers and watch their backs. This teamwork has been the key to their survival, allowing them to hunt for their much-needed fuel and resources.

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