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Released: January 1, 1997
Platform: PC Windows
Publisher: Blizzard
Developer: Blizzard
Genre: RPG
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A fully rendered, three dimensional, role-playing adventure game with a dark, Gothic setting. Players descend into a sinister underworld filled with mysterious quests, traps, and a horrifying story of supernatural forces and demonic creatures. Diablo transports the player to a medieval village plagued with an evil darkness. In a quest for vengeance, the central character descends into a crypt and expansive labyrinth hidden beneath the decaying town. Adventures focus on exploration, conflict and character development. Features include: a level generation system that randomly creates rooms, corridors, traps, treasures, monsters and stairways to maximize gameplay, multiplayer option via Blizzard's and a unique that allows head to head play on the local area network by installing multiple copies from the original CD ROM.

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