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Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Box
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Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

Released: August 30, 1999
Platform: PC Windows
Publisher: Westwood Studios
Developer: Westwood Studios
Genre: Strategy
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The battle for the future has begun. Will you side with the humanistic GDI or bring the world to its knees with the Brotherhood of Nod? Nature itself provides tactical opportunities - destroyable and deformable terrain, forest fires, treacherous ice fields and many more surprises that help or hinder your strategies. Units can become faster and stronger as they gain combat experience. The mood and attitude of the battlefield comes alive like never before - covert night missions, searchlights and new defenses intensify the thrill and excitement. Flying shrapnel, shock waves and crashing debris are just a few of the exciting new technologies developed to enhance the in-game experience. Play for free on the definitive Internet battleground - Westwood Online. Connectivity is now blended into the game so online action is just a few clicks away! With his forces stronger than ever, arch villain and leader of The Brotherhood of Nod Kane is pitched in an epic battle against the world's war machine, the Global Defense Initiative. Now you must orchestrate the fate of mankind.

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