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ESPN MLS ExtraTime 2002 Box
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ESPN MLS ExtraTime 2002

Released: April 2, 2002
Platform: Game Cube
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami TYO
Genre: Sports
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Diving headers, vicious slide tackles, and sprawling goalie saves--every action-packed detail of Major League Soccer is under your control in ESPN MLS ExtraTime 2002. The menus and interface feature ESPN graphics, effects, and commentary by Bob Ley and soccer legend Louis "Goooooooaaaaaal" Tapia. The game offers 500-plus character animations and 67 teams from which to choose, including 12 MLS teams, 53 international teams, and four MLS all-star teams. Six gameplay modes include MLS ExtraTime in Match, League, and Cup Scenario. Training includes free play, free kick, corner kick, and keeper training, as well as an option mode. The Goal Gallery enables you to record and store your most exciting goal-scoring scenes and replay them at any time. The create-a-player option enables gamers to build a player, determine his attributes, watch him get drafted as a free agent, and see him in action as a bona fide MLS all star.

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