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Keystone Kapers Box
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Keystone Kapers

Released: 1983
Platform: Atari 2600
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Activision
Genre: Platform
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Flash! Harry Hooligan, notorius con-artist, theif, and all-around-not-a-nice-person, has escaped!! He is now at large and in the vicinity of Southwick's Emporium. At this moment, Hooligan is foiling ever attempt to end his felonious freedom.

On the scene is Keystone Kelly, the pride of the men in blue. Officer Kelly, what's it like in there?

Oh, 'tis a cryin' shame! Shenanigans like ya wouldn't believe! Dastardly deeds that defy description! That rogue is hurlin' everything in reach! Shopping carts, biplanes, beachballs -- everything but cathedral radios. LOOK OUT! It's a cathedral radio!! Gotta go! I mean to recover the loot and bust that brute!

Will that double-dyed hoodlum keep Keystone in triple trouble, or will YOU help the greatest gumshoe going catch that no good galoot?? Grab your billyclubs and joysticks! It's curtains now, Hooligan!

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