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Little Nemo: The Dream Master Box
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Little Nemo: The Dream Master

Released: August 1990
Platform: Nintendo
Publisher: CAPCOM
Developer: CAPCOM
Genre: Platform
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Journey to a Land of Wonder!

Little Nemo receives a royal invitation to visit the castle in Slumberland. Is he dreaming? It seems the princess is looking for a new playmate.

When he arrives he is told that King Morpheus has been kidnapped. Nemo sets off on a wild adventure to rescue the good King and restore peace to the land.

Anything can happen in this realm of imagination. Little Nemo even learns how to get a ride from the local creatures so he can pass through the roughest parts of Slumberland.

  • Spectacular graphics bring a dreamworld to life!
  • Launch a candy attack against the scarier creatures of Slumberland.
  • Rescue the King of good dreams and thwart the Master of Nightmares.

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