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Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams Box
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Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams

Released: March 7, 2006
Platform: Playstation 2
Publisher: CAPCOM
Developer: CAPCOM
Genre: Action
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A New Hero. A New Era.
A Completely New Onimusha

Redesigned From The Ground Up, A Brand New Onimusha Opens A Completely New Chapter Set 15 Years After The Original Trilogy. Stunning Graphics, Special Effects And Even More Relentless, Action-Packed Gameplay All Combine To Redefine This Action Epic.
  • Choose From Five ALL NEW Playable Characters
  • Team up with a friend in unlockable co-op mode
  • Two playable characters on screen at once
  • Breathtaking open ended environments to explore
  • Switch between characters at any time

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