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Fighter Maker

Released: January 1999
Platform: Playstation
Publisher: ASCII
Developer: ASCII
Genre: Fighting
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Great Fighters are Made not Born! Announcing Fighter Maker, the fighting game every fighting game fanatic has been waithing for. Fighter Maker is the total package, a 3D fighting game AND all the tools every fan needs to create the perfect fighter. Fighter Maker's awesome suite of design tools allows anyone to create their own unstoppable fighting machine from scratch or edit any move from the extensive library of 800 moves and save it to a memory card. Now any gamer can take total control of every deyframe of animation, every hit, every throw, every juggle combo, and every camera angle. The test mode fine tunes moves for maximum damage. Includes 20 fighters ready for combat and 10 exotic locations. Edit or use any of 800 moves, throws, and juggle combos, or invent something new. Design a custom victory pose. Create ANY move you can think of complete with sound and visual effects.

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