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Tenchu: Stealth Assassins Box
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Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Released: September 17, 1998
Platform: Playstation
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Genre: Action
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Dwell in the shadowy world of feudal Japan--seeking justice as a ninja warrior armed with mystical weapons and your own inherent cunning. In your struggle to overcome the darkest forces of the land, you are compelled to shed blood with discretion and move without detection. For only the unseen survive. Tenchu is a 3rd person ninja fighting game in which the player takes on the role of a ninja in missions requiring stealth, strategy and weapons skills. Employing unparalleled enemy artificial intelligence technology, feudal Japanese environments and a unique scoring system that reqards a player's stealth and cunning, Tenchu sets a new benchmark in the action/adventure genre. Unparalleled enemy A.I. requires you to use stealth, strategy and espionage to defeat adversaries, rather than random violence. Take on fearsome samurai, black ninjas, shoguns, and demons. As a male or female ninja, grapple up walls, climb trees and run along rooftops, plus utilize motion-captured movements, like crawling, spinning and crouching. Perform long-distance attacks with a unique targeting system, featuring bombs, ninja knives and fire spells. Explore towns, temples, forests, caves, and dungeons featuring fully polygonal enemies and objects, plus evocative music, hi-res CG cinematics, a user controllable camera and two never-before seen missions.

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