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WWF Smackdown! Box
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WWF Smackdown!

Released: March 2, 2000
Platform: Playstation
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Yuke's
Genre: Wrestling
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It's no secret that the hottest action in the WWF doesn't take place anywhere near the ring. Drama, heartache, backstage brawls, keeping your friends close and your enemies closer - this is all part of the WWF saga that you never saw in wrestling video games - 'till now! In addition to the usual exciting action in the ring, with 30 WWF Superstars and their authentic voices, taunts and signature moves, you'll be able to go through a whole season with all the back stabbing and betrayal that goes with it! Battle your opponent while the ref is cheating against you, or maybe you'll want to wear the stripes yourself to bring down a hated rival. Build your own unique wrestler and take him from weekend brawler to Smackdown champ! All the drama and excitement of the WWF are here, and it's all in your hands.

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Member Score: 7.6
Total Score: 8.5

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