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Ultimate Block Party Box
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Ultimate Block Party

Released: December 8, 2005
Platform: Playstation Portable
Publisher: Conspiracy Entertainment
Developer: Conspiracy Entertainment
Genre: Puzzle
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The incredibly popular puzzle game from Japanese arcades comes home to the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system! Match colored blocks to clear the playfield as quick as you can - you'll need fancy footwork and a fast thumb!

"Experience the first Tetris-like puzzle game for the PSP system and join the party!"
  • The Ultimate Block Party!
    8 Japanese Anime-inspired characters - each one features advanced artificial intelligence for even more challenge!
  • Wi-Fi Mode!
    Play head-to-head!
  • Instant Action, Endless Challenge, Infinite Fun!
    Use combo attacks, magic and more!
  • Five Exciting Modes of Play:
    Arcade Mode, Campaign Mode, Versus CPU, Wi-Fi and Single Player.

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