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Released: April 16, 2002
Platform: Xbox
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Treyarch
Genre: Action
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Spider-Man: The Movie allows fans to play as Spider-Man in several highly detailed 3-D environments inspired by the Columbia Pictures/Marvel Entertainment live-action feature film (due for release in May of 2002). This full-roaming action-adventure game allows players to jump into the suit of a fledgling Marvel superhero and learn how to battle the forces of evil. Players crawl, leap, and swing from the dizzying heights of skyscrapers to catch criminals and supervillains, and, ultimately, come face-to-face with the Green Goblin in a death-defying display of aerial combat. During the course of the game, players must use Spider-Man's spider sense, agility, quick wits, and strength to evade the pursuit of the bad guys and overcome obstacles.

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