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Battlefield 2 (DVD) Box
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Battlefield 2 (DVD)

Released: June 21, 2005
Platform: PC Windows
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Digital Illusions
Genre: First Person Shooter
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Lock and load, soldier!

You're shipping out to the high-tech frontlines for modern warfare like you've never seen it. In this revolutionary sequel to Battlefield 1942, the action escalates to fever pitch with enhanced team play, advanced weapon systems, and the most intense Internet firefights ever.

  • Explode into action in an all-new game engine featuring dynamic environments, material penetration, and advanced physics.
  • Unleash the destructive fury of a modern arsenal as the U.S. Marines, Chinese People's Army, or Middle East Coalition with more than 30 vehicles and 20 soldier kits.
  • Online war's never been this intense, with scalable maps for 16, 32, and 64 combatants and enhanced squad support including VOIP.
  • Defeat the enemy online to rise through the ranks and unlock weapons and medals with the all-new persistent character scoring system.

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