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Captain Quazar

Released: January 1, 1996
Platform: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
Publisher: Studio 3DO
Developer: 3DO
Genre: Action
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Captain Quazar is not just your average shooter, (oh no!) but is also
a very HILARIOUS adventure by gaming giant 3DO! Check this:
He'll supply the FIREPOWER... YOU supply the BRAINS! Captain
Quazar is a superhero with his sights fixed on the cosmic criminal
elements who are intergalactic drug dealers, terrorists, and your run-
of-the-mill thugs. As Captain Quazar, you've got to shoot some
serious black holes into their demented plans! You'll battle the bad
guys with weapons that are um... unconventional. Yes, you CAN
actually fry your enemies in this game complete with INCLUDED
RECIPES! During your investigations, you'll also get to interrogate
the (often butt-ugly) enemy in order to get him to spill secrets that
can even unlock SECRET LEVELS? So then! Are you up to it?
I think you are! Captain Quazar definitely has all the elements of
a RED HOT BUY, and here's even a few more... 400 screens on
each HUGE LEVEL, over 500 hidden power-ups, even simultaneous
2 player action is supported. As an added bonus, you even get the free
shareware version of Game Guru cheat utility! We won't give you any
free superhero tights (your legs are too hairy anyway) but as you can
see, Captain Quazar is worth your hard-earned dough. Go for it, Bud.

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