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Released: January 8, 2002
Platform: Playstation 2
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: United Game Artists
Genre: Music
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Go to synaesthesia...

Enter a pulsating world of intense sights and sounds, where every beat and sample is synced directly to your actions

Through the use of light, sound, and rhythm, you alone must take control of the network and its music in an attempt to unlock the system's secrets and bring "Eden" back online

  • Revolutionary gameplay allows players to create their own rhythms while destroying enemies
  • Unlock more than 20 extra features by mastering every aspect of the game
  • Advance technology blends intense visuals, addictive action, and awesome music into one seamless gaming experience
  • Extra Modes include "Score Attack," "Beyond Mode," "Boss Rush," and "Trance Mission"
Within the network, anything is possible. Rez requests your senses. Are you game?

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Member Score: 9.3
Total Score: 9.3

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