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Credits for Doom 64
Following is a list of the people responsible for Doom 64. This list is taken from the game's Instruction Manual, in game credits, or from a reliable source (such as directly from the publisher/developer). Clicking on a person's name will take you to their profile, which will include all games they've worked on, and companies they've worked for. If any of this information is incorrect, or you think we are missing something, please contact us.

Lead Programmer: Aaron Seeler
Lead Artist & 3D Models: Sukru Gilman
3D Model Animation: Laurent Bezault
3D Model Animation: Sukru Gilman
Artist & Animation: Francisco Gracia
Artist & Animation: Andy Wilson
Sound System: Scott Patterson
Music & Sounds: Aubrey Hodges
Levels: Randy Estrella
Levels: Tim Heydelaar
Levels: Danny Lewis
Testing: Peter Chang
Testing: Sunny Chu
Testing: Josh Hutchins
Testing: Steve Kramer
Testing: Jason Shigenaka
Testing: Dan Wagner
Software Development Manager: Brian Johnson
Print Design and Production: Debbie Austin
Print Design and Production: Dave Young
Print Design and Production: Shawn Murphy
Print Design and Production: Jon Mongelluzzo
Print Design and Production: Robert Shepherd
Print Design and Production: Erin Shems
id Software
Programming: John Carmack
Programming: John Romero
Programming: David Taylor
Programming: Michael Abrash
Programming: John Cash
Art: Adrian Carmack
Art: Kevin Cloud
Design: John Romero
Design: Sandy Petersen
Design: American McGee
Design: Shawn Green
Development Support: Shawn Green
Biz: Jay Wilbur
Biz: Mike Wilson
Biz Assistant: Donna Jackson



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