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Credits for Age of Empires
Following is a list of the people responsible for Age of Empires. This list is taken from the game's Instruction Manual, in game credits, or from a reliable source (such as directly from the publisher/developer). Clicking on a person's name will take you to their profile, which will include all games they've worked on, and companies they've worked for. If any of this information is incorrect, or you think we are missing something, please contact us.

Program Manager: Tim Znamenacek
Product Planner: Edward Ventura
Product Manager: Chris Di Cesare
Technical Support Lead: Steve Kastner
Test Lead: Chris Haddan
Tester: James Evans
Tester: Scott Gerlach
Tester: Mark Thomas
Tester: Christopher Liu
Tester: Sean Kellog
Tester: Shelina Gowani
Hardware Configuration Tester: Harold Ryan
Hardware Configuration Tester: Paul Gradwohl
Beta Coordinator: Andy Wood
User Education Writer: Kelly Bell
Historical Text Writer: Bruce Shelley
Editor: Amy Robison
Print Designer: JoAnne Williams
Digital Artist: Connie Braat
Content Coordinator: Kathleen Billington
Help Developer: Tom Simmons
User Education Art Director: Jennifer Epps
User Education Manager: Jo Tyo
Localization Manager: Laurence K. Smith
Localization Manager: Peter Connelly
Localization Manager: Paul Delany
Japanese Functionality Tester: Chris Ganje
Setup Developer: Rich Eizenhoefer
Setup Art Director: Douglas Herring
Setup Design and Art: Leigh Kellogg
Product Unit Manager: Stuart Moulder
Test Manager: Brian Bennink
Development Manager: Craig Henry
Ensemble Studios
Lead Design: Rick Goodman
Design: Bruce Shelley
Design: Brian Sullivan
Lead Programming: Angelo Laudon
Programming: Tim Deen
Programming: Mark Terrano
Programming: Dave Pottinger
Programming: Matt Pritchard
Programming: David Lewis
Programming: Mickey Kawick
Programming: Bill Schofield
Art Lead: Brad Crow
Art: Scott Winsett
Art: Thonny Namuonglo
Art: Sean Wolff
Art: Duncan McKissick
Art: Don Gagen
Art: Herb Ellwood
Art: Duane Santos
Art: David Deen
Music: David Rippy
Music: Stephan Rippy
Sound: Chris Rippy
Scenarios & QA: Ian Fischer
Scenarios & QA: John Evanson
Scenarios & QA: Sandy Petersen
Administration: Nellie Sherman
PR: Jackie Chapman
Production: Tony Goodman



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