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Credits for Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness
Following is a list of the people responsible for Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. This list is taken from the game's Instruction Manual, in game credits, or from a reliable source (such as directly from the publisher/developer). Clicking on a person's name will take you to their profile, which will include all games they've worked on, and companies they've worked for. If any of this information is incorrect, or you think we are missing something, please contact us.

Producer: Michael Morhaime
Producer: Samwise Didier
Producer: Patrick Wyatt
Executive Producer: Allen Adham
Senior Designer: Ron Millar
Story & Design: Chris Metzen
Programming: Michael Morhaime
Programming: Patrick Wyatt
Programming: Jesse McReynolds
Programming: Frank Pearce
Programming: Bob Fitch
Scenario Editor Programming: Tim Thein
Installer Programming: Andy Weir
Autoplay Programming: Mike O'Brien
3D Artwork: Duane Stinnett
3D Artwork: Justin Thavirat
3D Artwork: Trevor Jacobs
3D Artwork: Joeyray Hall
3D Artwork: Matt Samia
3D Artwork: Nick Carpenter
3D Artwork: Micky Neilson
3D Artwork: Brian Sousa
3D Artwork: Dave Berggren
3D Artwork: Roman Kenney
Artwork: Samwise Didier
Artwork: Dave Berggren
Artwork: Nick Carpenter
Artwork: Roman Kenney
Artwork: Micky Neilson
Artwork: Brian Sousa
Artwork: Chris Metzen
Artwork: Ron Millar
Artwork: Justin Thavirat
Audio Producer, Music Composition & Sound Effects Design: Glenn Stafford
Speech: Bill Roper
Speech: Glenn Stafford
Speech: Chris Metzen
Speech: Ron Millar
Speech: Tymothi Loving
Speech: Stu Rose
Scenario Design: Ron Millar
Scenario Design: Chris Metzen
Scenario Layout: Eric Flannum
Scenario Layout: Ron Millar
Manual Design and Layout: Robert Djordjevich
Manual Design and Layout: Bill Roper
Manual Design and Layout: Chris Metzen
Manual Design and Layout: Ron Millar
Manual Design and Layout: James Phinney
Manual Artwork: Samwise Didier
Manual Artwork: Roman Kenney
Manual Artwork: Chris Metzen
Manual Artwork: Micky Neilson
Manual Artwork: Stuart Rose
Manual Artwork: Ron Millar
Manual Artwork: Dave Berggren
Manual Artwork: Brian Sousa
Manual Artwork: Duane Stinnett
Manual Artwork: Nick Carpenter
Manual Artwork: Trevor Jacobs
Manual Artwork: Collin Murray
Manual Artwork: Matt Samia
Manual Artwork: Eric Flannum
Director of QA: Shane Dabiri
Lead Tester: Tymothi Loving
Tester: Robert Bridenbecker II
Tester: Kamran Fotoohi
Tester: David Hale
Tester: Vic Larson
Tester: Brian Love
Tester: Adam Maxwell
Tester: Chris Millar
Tester: Daniel Moore
Tester: Jorge Rivero
Tester: John Schwartz
Tester: James Shipley
Tester: Walter Takata
Technical Assistance: Alan Dabiri
Office Manager: Christina Cade
Public Relations: Linda Duttenhaver
Public Relations: Susan Wooley
Marketing: John Patrick
Marketing: Steve Huot
Marketing: Kathy Carter
Marketing: Mark Polcyn
International Sales: Ralph Becker
International Sales: Florian Mueller
International Sales: Chris Yoshimura
U.S. Sales: Todd Coyle
Manufacturing: John Goodman
Manufacturing: Tom Bryan



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