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Credits for NFL Blitz
Following is a list of the people responsible for NFL Blitz. This list is taken from the game's Instruction Manual, in game credits, or from a reliable source (such as directly from the publisher/developer). Clicking on a person's name will take you to their profile, which will include all games they've worked on, and companies they've worked for. If any of this information is incorrect, or you think we are missing something, please contact us.

Nintendo 64 Team: Jim Anderson
Nintendo 64 Team: Mark Anderson
Nintendo 64 Team: Ed Jankowski
Nintendo 64 Team: Jim Karm
Nintendo 64 Team: Tod Papaleo
Nintendo 64 Team: Bill Zielinski
Midway Arcade Team: Mark Turmell
Midway Arcade Team: Sal DiVita
Midway Arcade Team: Luis Mangubat
Midway Arcade Team: Jason Skiles
Midway Arcade Team: John Root
Midway Arcade Team: Dan Thompson
Midway Arcade Team: Jennifer Hedrick
Midway Arcade Team: Mike Lynch
Midway Arcade Team: Jim Gentile
Midway Arcade Team: Dan Forden
Midway Arcade Team: Mark Guidarelli
Play Tester: Brian LeBaron
Play Tester: Paulo Garcia
Play Tester: Mike Venikour
Play Tester: Eddie Ferrier
Producer: Michael Gottlieb
Associate Producer: Curtis Cherrington
Assistant Producer: Matthew Vella
Technical Director: Scott Maxwell
Print Design & Production: Debra Austin
Print Design & Production: Gary Gonzales
Print Design & Production: Jon Mongelluzzo
Print Design & Production: Chris Mowry
Print Design & Production: Erin Shems
Print Design & Production: Chris Vine
Print Design & Production: Dave Young
Test Manager: Rob Sablan
Lead Product Analyst: Jeff Greenhut
Lead Product Analyst: Jason O'Brien
Product Analyst: Nick Bihary
Product Analyst: BISHOP
Product Analyst: Scott Lanigan
Product Analyst: Ed Mobley
Additional Testing: Armando Cortez
Additional Testing: Jason Shigenaka
Additional Testing: Sheila Julaton
Additional Testing: Alex Salcedo
Additional Testing: Dan Wagner
Additional Testing: Steve Montano
Additional Testing: J. Lazaro
Additional Testing: Seth McNew
Additional Testing: Nathan Blomberg



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