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Wacky Races Box
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Wacky Races

Released: June 30, 2000
Platform: Dreamcast
Publisher: Infogrames
Developer: Infogrames
Genre: Racing
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Join the Wacky Races in the wildest, wackiest cartoon racing game ever! Choose from a variety of characters of which include the cunning Dick Dastardly and his double crossing side kick Muttley in the Mean Machine or the winsome southern gal Penelope Pitstop in her Compact Pussycat or any of the other mad and wacky characters from the original cartoon. Once your behind the wheel, reach into your bag of dirty tricks, and get ready to speed through heart- pounding, knee- knocking, wild rides where only your wits, driving skills, and dirty deeds will bring you victory, as you race across numerous tracks and various environments to become the Wacky Races Champion.

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United Kingdom Import

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