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War Gods

Released: November 1, 1996
Platform: Playstation
Publisher: Williams
Developer: Eurocom
Genre: Fighting
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The MORTAL KOMBAT series is one of the most famous in videogame history, and now Midway—the developers of MK—have returned with a new fighting game called WAR GODS, for the PlayStation. The gameplay remains similar to the MK series, though there are several ways in which it is radically different. First and foremost is the jump to 3D, which grants the ability to walk around a fully polygonal environment. The graphics still maintain the digitized sprites, making the game look realistic without causing any stutters in the framerate—this keeps the action fast and steady. There are 10 warriors to choose from, each with a different set of moves and combination attacks that can be performed. The sound effects and music are similar to the MK series, meaning they sound authentic and really help the player get in the mood to battle. WAR GODS allows one or two players the chance to find out who is the ultimate warrior in this intense 3D fighter.

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