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Originally Posted by Julez View Post
If I were to switch to android I'd go for the One also. Samsung phones have shitty build quality, I don't think I'd ever buy another phone that's mostly plastic. The One has a metal body, much nicer camera, and mostly the same guts. It seems like a no brainer.
It's not a no-brainer. Build quality? Most people put their phones in a case, whereas the HTC One has the glass separation issues. Yes, the One has superior build materials, but quality hasn't been proven yet. Given the current issue, I'd lean towards Samsung on this one.

Do you need expandable storage? The S4 comes with 16GB on most carriers, but supports 64GB of external storage. The One has 32GB internal on most carriers. Yes, you can buy a 64GB unlocked version, but that one is limited to specific carriers. You can also buy an unlocked S4 with 32/64GB...that still supports expandable storage.

Do you like removable batteries for whatever reason (expanded capacity, swapping, replacing after heavy usage)? You're SOL with the One.

And then, there's software support. No one, not even Google, updates their flagship devices for as long or as many updates as Samsung does. Some comparisons:

2010 flagships:
Nexus One - released on 2.1, updated to 2.2 and then 2.3
HTC Desire - released on 2.1 w/Sense 1.0, updated to 2.2 w/Sense 1.0, and then had a stripped down 2.3 update that was optional to users due to missing features.
Galaxy S - released on 2.1 with Touchwiz 3.0, updated to 2.2 and 2.3, and then finally saw an update to 2.3 w/4.0 elements and Touchwiz 4.0 (same UI as Galaxy S II)

2011 flagships: (Google technically released in late 2010, but was their main phone for calendar year 2011)
Nexus S - released on 2.3, updated to 4.0 and 4.1
HTC Sensation - released on 2.3 w/sense 3.0, updated to 4.0 w/Sense 3.6
Galaxy S II - released on 2.3 w/Touchwiz 4.0, updated to 4.0 and 4.1 w/Nature UX (Touchwiz 5.0, Galaxy S III UI), confirmed update to 4.2

On top of that, rumors peg the HTC One X, HTC's 2012 flagship, as getting 4.2 as its final update. The S3 got the Note's premium suite (rolling out now), is getting 4.2, and has been confirm for "Google's next software version," be it 4.3, 5.0, KLP, whatever. If software updates matter, Samsung is far better. HTC typically leaves you with the device that you bought.

Bottom line is that you're judging the phones based on build materials. There is a LOT more to consider, and you you consider everything, each phone has its merits and the decision becomes much tougher.

EDIT: Every camera comparison I've read shows that S4's camera is universally superior except in low-light situations. Most smartphone cameras suck in low-light anyway. The One has passable night shots and washed out daytime shots. The S4 has noisy night shots and excellent daytime shots (besting even the iPhone 5 in most comparisons). In other words, the HTC One does not have the superior camera.
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