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Originally posted by The Krakken
Jordan hardly misses on this game. He plays litreally like he does in real life. Its cool watching even though he is beating my arse though. He jab-steps, flashes the ball, head fakes, the whole 9. He has every move in the book.

Now if you are talking about the Greatest Hits Jordan (ALL 90's team). Well.....lets just put it like this: His player rating is 104 (on a 99 point scale). I literally am NOT lying.
You're kidding right? It's about time they put MJ and the 90s teams in the game. And I am glad taht they made Jordan as good as he is. He DESERVES that 104 rating for the Greatest Hits Team. You're tempting me to really buy this game...

I bet it is cool watching Michael Jordan beating your tail.
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