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Originally Posted by Pahn View Post
Well, the info is out. I'm sure Ex will do a much better job summing up their info, but this is a very underwhelming release.

5s has very little to offer over the 5. You get a faster CPU/GPU (not that you'll really notice), fingerprint reader, and 120 fps 720p video capture. 5c is essentially identical to the 5, internally. So you have a phone that is being built with year old specs, and now in plastic instead of metal...and you only get a $100 price drop.

At this point, it looks like the best buy is a used 5. But that's just me.

I say all this as an Android user. I wouldn't mind switching to iOS for my phone, because I don't really need Android for that. For tablets, yeah, I'm sticking to Android. Either way, this release fails to impress.

EDIT: It's not surprising -- interesting, but not surprising -- that the 4S is staying in the lineup. Keeping the 5 would make the 5s and especially the 5c a hard sell.
I really like the fingerprint idea, but only because I don't like having to type in my 4 digit code every time I unlock the phone(mandated by ActiveSync policy). I suspect though that fingerprint lock will not be available when a corporate policy is applied to the phone, since they can't control it, which renders it useless for my needs.

The 4S needs to go. I just switched from a 4S to an HTC One last week. I don't want to ever go back to that 3.5" screen. I will say though that I miss being able to do everything with one hand. I can manage on the One, but its not so easy.
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