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Originally Posted by Aeon Storm View Post
Dude, what did she do to you? We know about some of the other guys, but how did she you through the ringer?
Not what she did to me but what I allowed her to manipulate me into doing. Noone can make you do something that you don't want to do unless you allow them to. She was emotionally manipulative and I was weak and easy to manipulate, especially with how sensitive I was with the feelings of others. I'd go out of my way to avoid hurting anyone and that one glaring weakness allowed her to play me like a fiddle.

My ordeal with her predates her K2 board and began at the Blast City board. You could say that I was probably her first victim, lol. I was a moderator at Blast City and after a while she started coming on to me in e-mails, leaving her phone number, which I ignored at every turn. She was persistent though and so was I at ignoring those portions of her e-mails while replying to the video game and message board related portions.

While out of town with no real internet access, a HORRIBLE miscalculation on my part led me to calling her one fateful day to inquire about Blast City and everything just went downhill from there. It's really easy to ignore people on the internet but when you're on the phone with them it's a lot harder to shake them off when they've locked onto something like a pitbull. Tried to let her down gently but then she started tearing up and like a weak asshole, I couldn't handle it and basically just surrendered. I figured that I'd find a way out of it before long but things went from bad to worse afterwards.

I have no idea what her life was really like in Canada. She kept painting a gloomy picture and just seemed desperate to latch onto any guy who she thought could take her away from her life up there and I was the first sucker up to bat! Lol

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