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I am a current EVO user and have multiple phones with them. I was confirming that those apps have not been blocked...ever.
The one I linked to is currently blocked by multiple US carriers and requires a DNS filter to work anymore. You can deny it all you want, but carriers have begun blocking these apps. As one becomes popular, it gets blocked, and several others rise up to take their place. Filtering has become the way to do it.

I was sure of myself in the EVO needing root, but you gave me doubts. You post some quite knowledgeable info on this subject. Then I read some decks threads at XDA and I see he was at one point working on a nonroot app for tether but said screw it. So there is and will not be a nonroot option for it.
I never said that it did or didn't need root for tethering. What I did say was to look into it because most HTC CDMA phones have options to tether for free without root. You're dealing too much with absolutes. My favorite trick with the Incredible (the sister phone to the Evo) was ##778 and dun removal. Free wifi tethering without root or any external apps. If the Evo can't do it, then so be it. I simply wanted to make you aware to look for a possible option. I went looking on my phone, found it, and couldn't be happier.

Now I don't know if I am communicating it right or you are not understanding, Sprint does keep tabs on data use.
No, you simply don't understand how this works. That's not an insult either, so if you decide to get butt-hurt over it I couldn't care less. Bottom line is that Sprint can monitor the amount of data that you use, but they cannot determine the type without either using deep-packet inspection (illegal), or an on-device switch that says "I am/am not tethering." There are ways to disable these switches without root on MANY but NOT ALL devices (##778 on HTC devices on Verizon, for example). So, if you bypass that "switch," all the carrier has left is deep packet inspection. It's illegal, so they don't admit to it. If you get a notice from them you simply call their bluff as so many AT&T users did.

and Sprint does use "throttling" of speeds as a means to provide a better experience for all customers. One of their CEOs/CFOs/whoever they are was interviewed and he says it like twice.
You REALLY should read these articles before you refer to them. Yes, I saw the interview, and I also saw the amended articles after that. He (Dan Hesse) admitted that Sprint throttles less than 1% of mobile data users. It was later clarified that users are only throttled when they are prepaid (Virgin, Boost) under certain conditions. No Sprint postpaid (contract) unlimited user is currently throttled. Here's one of the amended articles.
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