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No, he HAS to root to tether on an EVO.
You didn't sound so confident in your last post so don't get so upset if I don't just take your word for it this time. I have first-hand knowledge with HTC CDMA phones and MOST (not all) of them can tether for free without rooting. It was worth a shot to look into it, so don't discard something I say just because it's new to you.

All the apps that require root, barnacles &wi-fi tether, will be available to him.
True. However, not all tethering/hotspot apps require root access. So, if he's looking to tether and doesn't care about those other root-requiring apps, he MAY not need to root. Just food for thought.

They do not block that shit.
Some carriers do and some do not. THIS APP has been blocked from usage on most carrier-locked handsets. It was the most popular tethering app (that required root access) before the block. I don't know if Sprint is in on it, but at one time, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T all blocked usage of it even after Google removed it from the market. Sprint has been more liberal in this regard lately.

He cannot just flip a switch and run, Sprint does have a close eye on spikes in data use.
This is something that I feel either I am not communicating properly or you are failing to understand. Spikes in data usage does not equate to tethering. Sprint can monitor usage all they want, but a spike alone doesn't mean you tethered. That friend of mine who uses 20+ GB a month? Yea, he tethers, but most of his data is from Netflix. When we're in a static patrol at work, he plugs it into the cigarette lighter and watches Netflix. Eight hours of that shit, even on mobile, is still a couple of gigs.

Sometimes carriers get suspicious and send out notices for suspected tetherers (AT&T was famous for this last summer). If you were dumb enough to say "Yes, I'm tethering," then of course you'd get hammered. There were documented cases of people who fought and won.

They do not ask if you are tethering, they just send you a letter saying fuck off.
When I pull someone over, I don't say, "Were you speeding?" I ask, "Do you have a reasonable justification for going over the posted speed limit?" When they say, "Sorry officer, it's because I was in a hurry," they just admitted to it. Same with AT&T's notices. They sent out notices informed customers that they were suspected of tethering. This was the customer's opportunity to confirm the suspicion or fight it. Most people are dumb enough to confirm it.

They also throttle, trust me.
Then take them to court, because Sprint right now is claiming in interviews, advertising, and in their own fine print that they DO NOT throttle data on smartphones unless roaming. Want to convince me? Take them to court or show me their actual fine print, otherwise, don't get upset if I don't take you at your word.
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