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Originally Posted by krazy View Post
I just don't get it. Games are better then ever.
That's a completely subjective, of course. I don't think that games (in general) are "better than ever", I think that there are many games today that are much better than the best of what there was back in the day, but I think the percentage of great games today is less than it was back then.

There are games from more recent generations like Ico, Rez, survival horror series like Silent Hill/Resident Evil/Fatal Frame ect., arcade racers like OutRun2006, and multiplayer games like Left4Dead, Resident Evil 5, Mario Kart: Wii, etc. that are some of the best games I've ever played. But there are far more games that don't hold my attention like many of the older games did/do.

Games from older generations, in addition to being a lot more charming than most of the games produced today, can be ended in a matter of minutes to a few hours, tops. I don't have to dedicate 20 hours plus to get the complete experience, which sucks if I'm not that into it, which is the case with most modern games. If it's not going to keep my interested the whole way through I'd rather it be short and sweet.

You ever wonder when you were younger why you grandfather still lived like it was the year when he was younger ? You ever think to yourself "why didn't he change with the times ?"
No, I never thought that once, actually. He watched the same television shows that we did, he ate at the same places, owned modern appliances and and he drove a relatively modern car. None of those things were even around when my grandfather was younger.

I won't speak for Overkill, or DG, but I enjoy modern games a lot, just not as much as the next guy, because I have very specific taste and expectations for games than modern gamers do.

In general I don't like 'open world' type game play, for example, because I don't like the feeling that there's not a structured, cohesive story that's playing out. It makes the experience feel less 'cinematic' to me, for lack of a better word, like a 'chose your own adventure', or a 'Mad-libs' book. Just wandering around with all of the time in the world and no penalty for doing other things, or nothing (or taking forever), bores me. I like there to be a sense of urgency in games, and that's lacking in most of the modern games released today.

I don't like hyper realism in a games either, because I like the fantasy element and escapism that games offer. That's the main reason I play them. I don't enjoy anything about real world war, for example, and realistic depictions of it are both boring and off putting to me. While there are honorable, academic, and altruistic aspects of military service, and lessons to be learned from wartime events in the real world, none of that is present or relevant in video games depicting realistic warfare. It's striped down to a simple matter of killing other humans, realistically, with military efficiency, and gloating to your friends about it. I respect everything that goes into making these types of games, I just personally don't like the machismo and mob mentality inherent to the experience of playing tactical shooters, especially in groups. I'm really not drawn to the type of community that plays these sorts of games. I don't think it makes an appealing single player experience, either.

Now if you throw in some lasers, and aliens/monsters, and silly one-liners into the mix, well now, that's a different story, entirely (which is why I enjoyed HALO).

I feel the same way about sports, too; I think that they're boring as hell. In fact, I'd rather do 8 hours in solitary, making license plates, than 1 hour in a sports bar, during the Super Bowl, with hot Hooters girls serving drinks in their underwear. HOWEVER, if there were power-ups, and fire attacks, and shit like the stuff you see in Mario sports games in real life sports, shit, I'd probably be the biggest sports fan alive. I wouldn't actually play them, but I could watch my friends play a few games of Arch Rivals, NBA Jam, Cyberball, Mutant League, Double Dribble, High Impact, Street Football, (which I actually did play a few times), etc.. Even though I wasn't a fan of the genre, those older quirky sports games had charm.

I also enjoy being scored in games, something that virtually no games do anymore. Being scored makes the experience seem more worthwhile to me, and motivates me to improve my skills and play through a game several times. I still enjoy puzzle games as much as I did back in the day. They're one of the few genres where score is still implemented.

I've always favored style over depth of game play, too, which is why I still enjoy Japanese games (which are in the minority in the U.S. now) more than Western ones (someone who's a fan of Dragon Ball Z should understand my position on style versus substance. )

Ideally I'd like a balance of both, style and substance, but games are almost never that way, and I'd definitely lean towards the more stylistic, over-the-top offerings of games like say, Jet Set Radio, than anything with Tony Hawk in the title. Most of the games on the market were Japanese back in the day, which is one of the reasons I was so impressed with the industry back then. Enemies waving little white flags when you beat them, bad Engrish, the silly little Anime sweat tear when a character takes damage or is hurt, breaking the forth wall, hyper blood spatter, dramatic stills before dying, continue screen animations, fan service, etc..

I don't care how unrealistic it is for a 10,000 year old transgendered swordsman, wearing long flowing silk robes (that never get dirty, or torn, while fighting in dank dungeons), to slice a monster to bits, gracefully, in the air, or how unvaried the button combinations are for you to pull off successful attacks off when hacking your way through a crowd of Chinese warriors from the Ming dynasty, or having your Ferrari flip through the air, twice, in slow motion, and land perfectly on all four tires, with no damage to it or your girlfriend incurred after a collision with billboard at 100 mph. I just want it to look awesome when it happens, and for the music to be catchy, too.

I like when I shoot an enemy soldier and they turn into a goofy dancing skeleton for a second before they disappear (Commando), or zapping a mobster with a light gun and having his spirit fly away, and then shooting his actual angel down out of the sky a second later (Gangster Town), and boss battle that consists entirely of winning two rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors (Alex Kidd in Miracle World). There's not a lot of that sort of thing in modern games anymore, especially not Western ones.

Madden, Gran Turismo, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Gran Theft Auto, these types of games are the industry standard now, and I think that they're boring.

That's what I think of when I hear a convo about how current games are boring.
Do you feel that way when people say the same thing about driving a automatic transmission? I know it's probably a strange unrelated question, but I also hear people say that when they talk about automatic transmissions (on sports cars). I think of automatic transmissions as more 'modern technology', sort of like you way you do about modern game consoles.

Originally Posted by GearHed 66
But that's different; you have much more control over the vehicle with a manual transmission. It's the way a high performance vehicle is meant to be driven!
Yeah, I feel the exact same way about the control scheme in Resident Evil and older survival horror games which give you greater range of control over your character than modern 2D 'point and go' control schemes do.

^Just a little side rant there.
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