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VipERWarriOR June 12th, 2002 07:25 PM

5,000th reply! WooT! This thread is theee Be$t.

Vid Gamer June 12th, 2002 07:43 PM


Originally posted by VipERWarriOR
I don't let anyone in my room. They have their own, lol.
I don't know. Everyone has their own room, too. I don't know why they come to mine. lol

st_trooper June 12th, 2002 08:13 PM


Originally posted by VipERWarriOR
Hey if it sucks then so do you because you just posted in it. Don't like it? Get out:spider:


Just because a thread sucks doesn't mean the people in it suck, especially someone who only posted once (twice:rolleyes: ) to tell you it suck!:tard::lol:;)

st_trooper June 12th, 2002 08:13 PM


Originally posted by Vid Gamer

Who's Lyndsay?

Your real mother.

comin4you June 12th, 2002 08:36 PM

I thought she was my wife? :(

Vid Gamer June 12th, 2002 09:31 PM

Look at Today's Birthdays on the bottom of the main page. lmao

comin4you June 12th, 2002 09:34 PM

Wow, another case of multiple accounts at it's finest.

Vid Gamer June 12th, 2002 09:40 PM

He's a moron too because all the names have a relation plus he puts the same birthday for all of them. :rolleyes:

VipERWarriOR June 12th, 2002 09:41 PM

You guys ready to play Halo? I just played a 2 hour CTF game... DaYuM

VipERWarriOR June 12th, 2002 09:57 PM

I think I missed the game:(

antcap24 June 12th, 2002 11:19 PM

Hey all, i thought I would drop by and say hi to the best thread going..

Keep up the good work guys

And Viper.. you gotta explain that quote under your sig.. I didnt feel liek reading to get the message behind it when i saw 5009 posts.. geesh =)

VipERWarriOR June 12th, 2002 11:32 PM

LoL.. comin is gonna be thriller you posted in here, lol.. But my quote is just a lil clan we started lol

comin4you June 12th, 2002 11:33 PM

Holy! It's Antcap! About time you've finally come to visit!!!! :eek:

VipERWarriOR June 12th, 2002 11:37 PM

get on aim:evil:

comin4you June 12th, 2002 11:50 PM

I'm on, ;).

VipERWarriOR June 12th, 2002 11:51 PM

hey Vid,

RuneBlade2k1: depends on what time it is tomorrow, I'll be gone for probably a month

comin4you June 13th, 2002 01:04 AM

That may be shortened a few days, depending. But I'll try to post.

VipERWarriOR June 13th, 2002 01:10 AM

Hey comin, game of pool?

comin4you June 13th, 2002 01:13 AM

No thanks.

VipERWarriOR June 13th, 2002 01:14 AM

Lol, k.. You tired?

comin4you June 13th, 2002 01:17 AM

Nope, staying up all night. You?

VipERWarriOR June 13th, 2002 01:19 AM

I might.. I have NEVER seen you up all night.. lol

comin4you June 13th, 2002 01:20 AM

I could stay up all night on the forums ;).

VipERWarriOR June 13th, 2002 01:21 AM

well yeah and i know why too :D

comin4you June 13th, 2002 01:22 AM

Why's that? Don't get the wrong impression, I'd never do a thing like that. ;)

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