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November 23rd, 2000, 12:06 PM
That Shemue Chapter 2 or 3 will actually be released? Since Shemue Chapter 1 cost about 7 million dollars to make and about 7 years to make, how will Sega be able to complete this game if they are losing bad financially?

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November 23rd, 2000, 12:31 PM
I think it will. Work is coming along rapidly on Chapter 2 already. I believe some of it was actually done while working on the first game. It is too far along to cancel the game.

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Game Rogue
November 23rd, 2000, 12:35 PM
The next Shenmue chapter will most likely use the same game engine as the original with negligible modifications. With the basic game engine already employed, the rest of the game will only take 12 to 18 months to complete if that.

As for cost factors, Shenmue's next chapters will be no where near the over-inflated cost of the original.

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November 23rd, 2000, 12:39 PM
Yeah, I think you have to bear in mind the cost in developing F.R.E.E. Now that they have the basic modeling down you don't have to do much but update what's already a good system.

And, as was stated perviously, Chapter 2 was supposed to be a part of chapter one in the first place until the whole thing got too big, so much of that was done anyway.

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November 23rd, 2000, 12:45 PM
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as for shenmue, the game, in it's entirety, is complete( at least story wise ). the reason the game costed so much is because of the size the game had grown( i remember reading it is about 48 gigs ). yes this game will have sequels, because from what i understand, sega needs to sell 2 million in Japan to break even and i think that applies to the game in it's entirety.


November 23rd, 2000, 06:38 PM
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November 23rd, 2000, 08:34 PM
Yu Suzuki himeslf guarunteed the release.

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Shin Egg Robo X
November 23rd, 2000, 09:41 PM
Where did you hear that Shenmue is complete? I think that if the story was made into data, it would be 48 GB. I know that the game is not done yet.

Shenmue was a game that if you asked me was not hyped at all. It was announced in TGS 1995 for the Saturn. It was supposed to be out at the end of 1997 but due to the falling Saturn popularity in Japan and the lack of popularity in America and Europe, it was ported to the Dreamcast even though chances were good that the game was ported to Dreamcast a long time ago. Yu Suzuki was a man that never made RPGs or Adventures with the exception of Sword of Vermillion for Genesis, which was faced with mixed reviews.

Shenmue at first looked tremendous. Yu said in an interview that he intends to have at least 24 chapters of the game- 12 that is intended for the Dreamcast. Shenmue is doing fine in America and in Japan, it reached Sega of Japan's expectation (500,000 copies) but who knows. Shenmue 2 probably is at least 67% done and I'm sure that Yu and company are just beginning to start the designs for Shenmue 3. I imagine that the game will feature the same graphics but with added bells and whistles.

Its kind of like Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Majora's Mask used a little bit better engine that Ocarina of Time. Its pretty much the same but with aid of a 4 MB expansion pack, it looked great. With the release of Shenmue 2, there may be far more detail in the game or maybe the time system will be lengthened/shortened. The reason why it appears that the original Shenmue will be used is because Shenmue is a long, story. When people say Shenmue 2, its actually a new chapter. Its not a sequel, its a continuation. I use it because its easier to type out.

Sega spent 70 billion yen ($66-68 million, give or take) on the game total. However a lot of the costs went into the Saturn version, porting the game, redoing areas from scratch, taking out data (because Sega of Japan refused to ship Chapter One with 4 GD-ROMs to increase profits), removing and adding new areas, and of course, programming a game. The graphics are unreal, pushing the system at the time to limits. So its going to cost a lot of money.

Shenmue is more profitable than about 80% of all the rest of Sega's franchises so Sega will keep it going. You also have to understand that Squaresoft only managed to sell 520,000 copies of Final Fantasy (about the same as Shenmue; Credit: Magic Box) and Final Fantasy II sold 740,000 copies. It took Square three Final Fantasy games to get a million sales. Meaning that give Shenmue time. Shenmue 2 in Japan could break 750,000 copies and maybe break a million in its third installment. Not all franchises that are popular today became popular in its first installment. Shenmue is selling damn good so I think that Shenmue 2 will sell well and so on.

Who knows about the future of Shenmue? This series could single handedly pull Sega out of the red and become as big as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest in Japan and become another Zelda or Metal Gear in America. I think that Shenmue 2 will be out in Fall 2001 and Shenmue 3 may be out late 2002 or early 2003. I doubt it if 12 chapters of Shenmue will be released for the Dreamcast. I think that Shenmue 4 is a possibility on the Dreamcast depending on the size of the userbase.


November 23rd, 2000, 09:52 PM
where on earth do you get this figures from? 65 million bucks sounds like alot of fucking money.

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November 23rd, 2000, 11:03 PM
Here's the info I've compiled on shenmue so far. A lot of this will agree with shin, while some may contradict. That is because neither he nor I have all the facts, just bits and pieces we can assemble.


I've decided not to repost what he said, and I'll just post the few contradictions I know of.

"Shenmue 2" will be roughly 5-7 GD-ROMs and will consit of chapters 2-4, and maybe 5. Shenmue is roughly 16 chapters total. Of course, since Shin and I probably heard different things from different sources, this is probably why our numbers are different.

When I first heard of shenmue, it was supposed to take place in Hong Kong. Then some magazines started taling about how you may play a yonger Ryo like in the "upcoming" (it's out now) Tomb Raider 4 where you play young Lara. This part would take palce in yokusuka.

Obviously, that fleshed out into what we now know as Chapter 1.

Sega stated they needed 2 million copies of shenmue to sell in order to break even on the current developement costs. They knew they weren' going to profit or even break even on the first chapter. However, future chapters promise much lower dev. costs (since so much of it is in place already) as well as large returns (money, not game returns).

The entire Shenmue story isn't done. The basic storyboard is done, but there will be other things added as they go along, like little side-stories and such.

No matter how things turn out, I'll be happy as long as I get to continue playing this series. The ending of the first chapter had me pissed. I honestly thought Shenmue 2 would be a continuation in his life, but you would still solve the mystery of Iwao's death and defeat Lan di in chapter 1. Since I as wrong, I'm pissed I have to wait so long for the next chapter.

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Shin Egg Robo X
November 24th, 2000, 12:30 AM
I remember Sega of Japan saying that they want 500,000 copies sold in Japan and 1.5 million copies in America. This is very high and probably won't be achieved. I am sure this may pick up a couple hundred thousand copies in Europe. 16 chapters is right, my memory is failing me. As for the $65 million+, its a lot of money; thats why in Japan, this game was not published by Sega but by their parent company's software division, CRI. Maybe that $65 million was applied into development of Chapters 2, the general engine, and creating the story and hiring music and voice talents (in Japan they were done by actors and actresses and some symphony did some music scores in the game) Shenmue is definitely groundbreaking in pretty much all aspects. However if the series does well, we may see more chapters but I can remember 16 (now apparently) was supposed to be for Dreamcast. I also heard that Hong Kong was Chapters 2-5 (each is one disc)