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  1. X-box
  2. Now that Segas On unofficial board for Xbox......
  3. Do you think it'll come out in 2001?
  4. $400 for X-box????
  5. Lets make up excuses of not to buy the X-Box!!
  6. Does the size bother you?
  7. NVidia has completed the X-Box GPU and sound ship.
  8. MS not selling X-Box in Japan?
  9. 4x4 Evolution 2 Coming to Xbox
  10. progressive scan and HDTV support anyone?
  11. IGN Gives out DVD Details
  12. Judge Dredd Confirmed For Xbox
  13. New Breed Screens
  14. Grand Theft Auto 3 Confirmed For Xbox
  15. Legend Works on a Xbox Title
  16. Panther's on top of things
  17. Xbox May Get Streets Of Rage 4
  18. Xbox slips, Japan shrugs
  19. Could this be the Xbox OS?
  20. Analysts say that Xbox profits are five years away
  21. Bizzare Creations Racer Details
  22. New Snowboard Title In the Works For Xbox
  23. New Ozzy Osborne Gmae
  24. Rated X Show Starts Monday
  25. ssx challenger Amped Free Snowboarding
  26. nfl coming to the xbox
  27. Project Gotham for the xbox
  28. Is it okay to discuss the various MS trials here?
  29. UK Industry feedback on Xbox games
  30. 10 ways a built in HD makes XBOX better than the PS2
  31. Microsoft released fake Xbox shots!
  32. How much better could MGS2 look on XBOX?
  33. Silicon Knights slams Xbox
  34. Software Etc. Ordered to stop taking preorders
  35. LOL! http://www.gamecube.com is Xbox's homepage!
  36. The Xbox hard drive gets an extra 2GB.
  37. Microsoft expects 18 Japanese game titles for Xbox
  38. XBOX not ready on time?
  39. One thing the XBOX does better than PS2 at a glance
  40. X-Box = Photo-realism?
  41. Xbox will not have online gameplay until year 2
  42. Spring TGS 2001: Microsoft signs Sega
  43. Dead or Alive 3 Coming to Xbox!
  44. The XBOX is looking more and more like a true contender.
  45. Sadly, the only sure-fire way MS can get into Japan is...
  46. Xbox gets reaction from Japan gamers
  47. XBOX thinks of pricing at $299
  48. Big news on MGS X on Computer & Videogames, great interview...
  49. 17 New Movies
  50. holy Crap! jet Grind Radio Future!
  52. First Xbox commercial in Japan
  53. latest on Xbox dev kits
  54. Capcom VP comments on Xbox's chances in Japan
  55. New Game - Cel Damage
  56. Metal Dungeon
  57. Rumours of Delay growing
  58. Former XBOX employee Criticizes XBOX
  59. It's called the Xbox. Not X-Box, not XBox, not X-BOX.
  60. DoA3 Hi-Res pics!!! Whooooo!
  61. old school
  62. Xbox to feature Dolby 5.1 Interactive Content Encoder
  63. Is Xbox unofficially safe now that the NGC is delayed?
  64. DOA3 to be Xbox's first killer app?
  65. Xbox: The Big 15....are you sold yet?
  66. No Xbox outside North America until 2002
  67. Phantasy Star Online on Multiple Consoles?
  68. Xbox Isn't A PC In Disguise... from Byte.com
  69. Taco Bell to promote XBOX.....
  70. Man check out these first generation golf xbox pics!
  71. Microsoft Beats Wall Street Estimates
  72. WWF:Raw is War pictures!! KILLER APP!
  73. Xbox Games @ E3 (tentative list)
  74. Xbox Gets It's Bushido On
  75. DoA3 to be Xbox EXCLUSIVE. FOREVER.
  76. No 3DO on Xbox
  77. StarFighter Special Edition
  78. XBox Release Date?
  79. Does it measure up?
  80. Obi-Wan Star Wars game is now XBOX exclusive...
  81. Windows XP to launch on October 25
  82. Some more interesting tidbits about the Xbox's harddrive...
  83. Visual Concept's sports games are coming to Xbox!
  84. Enclave For XBOX Screen shots!
  85. What's that Bacon boy....you're going to buy an XBox?
  86. xbox to be released on nov.8
  87. > Capcom Announces 3 Games For XBOX
  88. Sega Announes XBOX Lineup
  89. Xbox details announced....
  90. Johny Drama Hi-Res pics!!! And bonus video...
  91. Xbox flexes it's graphical muscle...
  92. Jet Grind Radio Future
  93. New Halo Movies at Gamespot...
  94. New DOA3 movie at gamespot (TreeSequence)
  95. Jet Grind Future Movies.......
  96. Panzer Dragoon Saga II
  97. Tony Hawk 2x
  98. If Gamecube launches at $200 & PS2 price drops....
  99. New Unreal on X-Box (screens included)
  100. GunMetal looks promising! See inside...
  101. Guys, we need a VGA adapter for the Xbox!
  102. Project EGO!!! *gasp*
  103. Amped gets better at E3? Who would have guessed?!
  104. Cel Damage screens!!! Where's the Road Runner? : )
  105. the xbox is looking like a solid contender...
  106. GunValkyrie
  107. Halo online "not possible"
  108. More Enclave shots!!! *drool*
  109. New (?) shots of Project Gotham (?)
  110. New Unreal Championship Screens and it's ONLINE; 32 players!!!
  111. Madden 2002 shots...
  112. Stung! A mix between "A Bug's Life" and Quake?
  113. Pot to Kettle: "You are Black"
  114. New (small) shots of DoA3...
  115. Koei's Xbox plan
  116. Xbox menu interface!!! Looks great and, well, um, green. ;)
  117. How the fuck can xbox suck if it's not even out yet
  118. Close up of the MS controller and functions...
  119. MAME for the Xbox? Already?
  120. Open Letter to IGN about the XBox's unified memory
  121. Stunned....? Not quite.
  122. Funny
  123. Brandon Justice gets shitcanned
  124. Project EGO Concept Art & Design...
  125. Sin And Punishment request line....
  126. Enclave is *NOT* a First Person Shooter... ;-)
  127. Concerns over Xbox's online plans?
  128. MSXbox.com's Xbox FAQ...
  129. Who's still excited about the XBOX?
  130. THPS2x shots... real grass, real trees, and fuzzy bunnies?
  131. Check the video! Double S.T.E.A.L on Xbox: yum
  132. 70+ games in IGN's preview list. Yeah, that's right, care to count them?
  133. Microsoft settles Xbox name dispute
  134. **Magius** Thanks for all the great posts
  135. OK maguis you finally convinced me to get a Xbox
  136. Magius and Microsoft in cahoots? Conspiracy theory inside!
  137. Sony poised to lose battle, says the European Leisure Software Publishers' Assoc...
  138. Microsoft deal boosts Level 3 shares...
  139. Jet Set Radio Future Q&A
  140. A Cold War in Cyberspace?
  141. Sacrifice confirmed for the Xbox
  142. Blood Wake hands-on preview
  143. ZOE and Soul Calibur 2 for Xbox?
  144. Ninja Gaiden for Xbox?
  145. New (?) Project EGO screens... :)
  146. Terminator by Infogrames?
  147. I've been holding off from this forum, but here goes:
  148. Silent Hill 2: Director's Cut an Xbox launch title?
  149. Official Xbox Magazine
  150. Wow, better than what I expected... Buffy Vamp Slayer shots.
  151. GT3 or Project Gotham?
  152. Hands on with the Xbox
  153. Hey, has anyone here besides me pre-order the Xbox already?
  154. Activision Pledges 14 for Xbox
  155. Sony to Publish for Xbox...
  156. DoA3 new pic and new characters names revealed...
  157. Xbox: independent sound streams to each controller! Interesting...
  158. Examine the Xbox in 3D!!!
  159. Xbox hands-on preview...
  160. DOA3 Kiosks before Launch!!! IGN has a hands-on preview!!!
  161. Hands-on: Cel Damage Xbox!!! This one is full of promise!
  162. Microsoft shows off its Shrek game
  163. Could the Xbox be releasing early?
  164. GameStop - Xbox Pre-Orders Begin
  165. Mortal Kombat 5 XboX
  166. The promotional onslaught begins! Retailers begin to receive Xbox "stuff"!!!
  167. GameStop confirmed Xbox 56k modem... is this real?!?!
  168. XBox Facts About Launch Date and Other Stuff
  169. NEW!!! DoA3 screenshots!!!
  170. xbox could be delayed
  171. Buffy The Vamp Slayer: A new batch of pics!
  172. Xbox on track! No delay
  173. 8GB or 10GB...
  174. Final Fantasy movie in real-time. Square and Nvidia teamup...
  175. Gamestop taking Xbox pre-orders (again).
  176. Project Ego shots drop jaws
  177. Tecmo Talks Dead or Alive 3
  178. Kengo update
  179. Canadian Xbox launch info
  180. New Screens of Defender
  181. NFL Fever 2002 looks like complete shit.
  182. NEW Project Gotham pics!!!! And they look great!!! Come in!!!
  183. Soul Calibur, Ridge Racer and more to come to the Xbox!
  184. X-Box and DC.....seperated at birth?
  185. More DoA3 goodness!!!! First Post!
  186. More cool games for X-Box!
  187. Come on over Nintendo fans!
  188. $1000 for an xbox?
  189. Silent Hill 2/GunValkerie/JSRF/DOUBLE Steal/Metal Dungeon NEW Xbox pics!!!
  190. Sega GT has been apparently confirmed, shots inside...
  191. NEW JSRF video!!! You have to download this!!!
  192. Japanese launch of Xbox delayed
  193. Wow Entertainment aiming to make Sega GT the Gran Turismo 3 of the Xbox
  194. Everyone! Must download videos!!! DOUBLE Steal is looking HOT!
  195. Current Xbox Ship Dates
  196. Prebuys at EB for 1 day only!
  197. Is MS going online in Spring or at the end of the year?
  198. Hmmmm, you could use a XBox with a dial-up connection in theory...
  199. What the hell he means? What big announcement?
  200. Where can I find some good DOA3 wallpaper?
  201. Gumetal looks pretty wicked...ss
  202. Penny Arcade attacks again! ;-D
  203. Jet Set Radio Future - release date
  204. $300 Slash The price To $99
  205. Have you pre-ordered your Xbox yet?
  206. Finally, Project Ego GAMEPLAY Details
  207. Why is the Xbox going to win the war?
  208. Capcom vs SNK 3... coming to the Xbox in January?
  209. NBA Stree...uh, I meant Street Hoops
  210. Plot changes for Munch's Oddysee
  211. Devil May Cry...
  212. Midway lays out 14 Xbox games. At least Spy Hunter is among them
  213. Toys 'R' Us (.com) Sells Out in 30 Minutes...
  214. Anyone conecting the Xbox to the Home Theater?
  215. No One Lives Forever
  216. Sweet NEW Enclave shots... *drool*
  217. Gates: Broadband cost too much
  218. BUndles are going to kill the box
  219. Next Gen comments on DoA3. Says that PS2 won't be able to handle it...
  220. Xbox release list, 41 (and still counting) games by December.
  221. Starfighter: Special Edition
  222. Importing in Japan.
  223. Next Chrono game a "sure thing" on the Xbox
  224. This would have made me and many other people RUN to preorders...
  225. X-Day at IGN, four 1st party game are previewed
  226. WTF? M$ talking X-Box 2?
  227. Capcom vs. SNK rumor!
  228. 300,000 X-Boxs at launch?!?!?!?
  229. A look at the X-Box bundles...
  230. Breaking news...X-Box delayed!
  231. It's Sure To Be A Hit Man Too!
  232. Time To Split From Sony Only
  233. Finally...a Fun Guy...
  234. Controller sucks, Xbox is too big.
  235. Confronting Rumors Squarely
  236. Here's A Title To Help Cel The Xbox
  237. Simpsons
  238. Xbox Hard Drive Guaranteed To Crash
  239. Amazon set to offer Xbox pre-orders again...
  240. First Xbox Mag Disc NON-INTERACTIVE
  241. Industry Giants Con Seals, And They Gothic Over It
  242. Win an Xbox by Donating to the Red Cross
  243. IGN Xbox impressions
  244. Xbox Focus Of Collective Wrath
  245. Strident: A Game Making Noise In The Shadows
  246. Microsoft To Make Another Messe
  247. Xbox Kiosks in Stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  248. Azurik: Rise of Perathia; A Return To The Elements Of Gaming
  249. Xbox Release Date & Price?
  250. Tap Out The Ultimate Beat