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  1. Performance VGA adapter - Where can i GET it?
  2. Dammit Sega, ENOUGH! I can't take it anymore!
  3. The Fastest......
  4. Graphics Whore?? Hmmmm........
  5. Am I the only one...
  6. [email protected]!!!
  7. Now that I've played more of NBA2k1 I feel that it.....
  8. Sonic Shuffle and Skies Of Arcadia Are Released Today
  9. New Unreal T. Info!!! 70 levels, Domination included...
  10. Smash Pack wishes...
  11. head hunter screens
  12. Pronunciation of "Shenmue"
  13. Help with Boot Disc (nothing to do with piracy)
  14. Skies of Arcadia gets a terrible review @ IGN!
  15. A question for anyone who can answer
  16. More Test Drive LeMans impressions
  17. LMFAO
  18. The Best Shenmue Review yet
  19. Star Wars Trilogy Arcade
  20. Illbleed.... YES!!
  21. NTSC and PAL
  22. Dramatic Battle In Super Street Fighter II Turbo?
  23. Aw.......go jump in a patch of Potatoes!!
  24. GameWeeks Dreamcast Top 10
  25. Am I the only one who......
  26. Skies Of Arcadia
  27. Coming Soon... Sega's X-box!
  28. For all you real gamer's
  29. Anyone still play NFL2K1 online??
  30. IGN PS2 says THIS about DC??
  31. Latest sales charts...
  32. What should I do? (Everyone Click Here)
  33. Sonic Shuffle Gets Shitty Rating @ dreamcast IGN
  34. Sega addresses Networking plans and cross platform support
  35. MSR Delayed Untill 2001
  36. Power is not the only advantage PS2 has over DC
  37. Half-Life DC
  38. TD:Lemans. Good lord!
  39. Memory Card (For use with Sega Dreamcast)
  40. Latest Online news on Street Fighter
  41. Sega apologies.....
  42. Ever notice this about Shenmue and other games.....
  43. When did you know a great game would be great before playing it.... EXAMPLE:
  44. Why I haven't played shenmue in 3 days...
  45. Cannon Spike today....
  46. Shining Force 2!!!
  47. Sega starts a new trend.........
  48. I Got A Dreamcast Today, Bitch...
  49. Things you want to see in NFL2K2
  50. Cannon Spike review!
  51. Where are the RPGs in 2001?
  52. Hey Capcom...Cap this.
  53. Skies Of Arcadia Thread (Spoiler Free)
  54. Place your bet: which developer will go ....
  55. Is Sega forum mod status a Bermuda Triangle?
  56. IGN Editors choice Awards
  57. To NFL2K1
  58. Whats goin' on w/ this place?
  59. Finally got Shenmue!!!!!!
  60. back up.
  61. It's about freakin time!
  62. To Swirlie
  63. Got a Dreamcast
  64. Capcom DISSES the Dreamcast! WTF?!
  65. PS2 has really dropped the ball. It keeps getting worse.
  66. More good news for SEGA. Cant say the same for SONY
  67. Pucker up, and kiss Sega's ass!
  68. Dreamcast retro-pack
  69. One thing Madden does better than NFL2K1.(nit picking)
  70. Hey Swirlie!
  71. DC power light
  72. anyone pre-reserving grandia 2
  73. NBA 2Night
  74. Play the games, not the system. But...did you ever favor a system over another?
  75. This SOUNDS nice!! (Tech specs)
  76. Shenmue review...
  77. A Grandia II question
  78. "DC ain't going anywhere too soon." OR "How Sonic 3 will rule the world!"
  80. Calling all Saturn owners....
  81. how well is SoA selling?
  82. Anyone interested in seeing footage from Shenmue 2? You probably already have it...
  83. Jet Grind Radio 2 Screenshots
  84. Shenmue questions/gripes (disk 1 spoilers)
  85. January 2, 2001 Sega goes BROADBAND!
  86. I have the latest ODCM Volume 10!
  87. Hmm, Ahem, well I guess that's Capcom for ya...
  88. Shenmue and NBA 2K1 beats the piss out of any PS2 game
  89. Sonic Shuffle, as bad as they say?
  90. Woo hoo! Keep them RPGs comin!
  91. DC Kicks Competions' Ass in Sales Charts
  92. Changes at Sega.com
  93. Just picked up the new ODCM...
  94. The problem with Shenmue.
  95. This is odd. This is Shenmue, chapter 1?
  96. Kill me... oh sweet Jesus kill me.
  97. Whoops!
  98. Are you using AltaVista to play online?...
  99. Why hasn't JGR done well?
  100. F355 online names??
  101. Shenmue or Skies of Arcadia?
  102. ahahahaha! LMAO!
  103. Anyone?
  104. New Surf Rocket Racer movies
  105. ODCM Mag demo impressions.
  106. should i get a dc?
  107. Anyone get Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear?
  108. Ready 2 Rumble 2 Gets 7.7 @ IGN
  109. Shenmue is #1!!!
  110. Dino Crisis, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 Impressions Anyone?
  111. Happy Thanksgiving Dreamcast Style
  112. People are right, TD Lemans is the best racing game....
  113. Funny
  114. Do you think..
  115. Has the "survival horror" genre gone stale?
  116. A new Thanksgiving Day tradition...
  117. OMG! Sega is actually advertising!! Regularly too!
  118. What one thing has Sega done that has surprised you most?
  119. What? Did somebody say...4×4 Evolution??
  120. Will DC EVER get a good WinCE game??
  121. how many are surprised at the greatness that is Dreamcas?
  122. Will the PS2 version of RE:CV look better than DC's?
  123. *gasp* we might have to pay to play pso online!
  124. Max Payne Canceled
  125. 18 wheeler
  126. Does anyone have 2 of the same OCDM demos?
  127. god, daily radar uk
  128. Hardcore gamer?? What does that mean exactly?
  129. POLL: What DC games do you have, and how many much of each game have you completed??
  130. favorite SATURN and GENESIS games?
  131. Cannon Spike impressions please!
  132. NFL2k1 promoted as hell in stores!!! Hehehe and a kid thought it was Madden...
  133. No DC's to be found!
  134. PC CHEATERS on Quake 3 !!!!! grrr!!!
  135. My personal opinion on...
  136. QTE Title, Excite QTE 2 and Darts High Scores
  137. Cool post from DC Tech Pages: TDLM -- technically speaking
  138. POLL: Has anybody actually beat MDK2?
  139. DC can push 8 million polygons?? WTF?
  140. RPG and other "weird game" recommendations please on DC and PS2 ?? :)
  141. favorite STREETFIGHTER character?
  142. Sega is up the financial shit creek yet again.
  143. The Dreamcast
  144. My biggest disappointment with a DC game so far....
  145. Do you think Bleemcast will play PS2 games ?? (Shhh...Conspiracy Theory) :)
  146. If Dreamcast died tomorrow would you........
  147. The TRUTH behind SONY's PS2 shortages!
  148. Anyone still play NFL2K? Didnt think so.
  149. LOL, you have to read this: PlayStation 2 all sold out, proceed to yo-yo department
  150. Shenmue Prize Soda Can question????
  151. EGM Review Scores Jan. Issue
  152. Sega NFL2K1 Sponsors a Tourney!
  153. BleemCast is stores NEXT WEEK!
  154. Should SegaNet's online gaming lobbies be monitored??
  155. Critically acclaimed games that You never liked.
  156. DAMMIT!!! (Swirlie)
  157. Mot innovative/weird game you have EVER played?
  158. POD:Speedzone is TOTAL GARBAGE!
  159. Sega GaGa shots
  160. Shenmue 2
  161. all time best selling DC titles
  162. I want a PS2 and I want one now...
  163. Starlancer.....this game is awesome!
  164. Move over FF, Skies of Arcadia 2 is announced!!
  165. Sega announces 50 new DC games before MARCH!!
  166. British PS2 software figures. This is some funny shit!
  167. The year 2000 belongs to NFL2K1.
  168. SONY says: Here Sega, have some customers!
  169. SegaNet gets backed by LimpBizkit.
  170. YES!!! College Sports Games for the DC!!!!
  171. PS2 OwNz DC in Japan
  172. Sega Marine Fishing “Online Ranking” Issues
  173. Thats it dammit!!!
  174. Ok swirlie, this time I won't miss your call!!!!
  175. A day (or two) late and a dollar short...
  176. Sales numbers don't mean squat!!
  177. DoH!
  178. Bleemcast is OFFICIALLY Vaporware...
  179. Gameplay: Do you prefer CO-OP or VERSUS?
  180. Haven't I seen this guy before?
  181. Virtua Fighter X Demo
  182. Metropolis Street Racer in hand...
  183. Release Dates
  184. New(package) and $19.99
  185. Arcade Gaming And Where It's Going!
  186. Great article on the history of Sega's 32X! Long!
  187. Poll:Playin It Safe
  188. What does the Color Of your weapon mean in Skies of Arcadia?
  189. NFL2k1 tonight anyone??
  190. NickD?
  191. Who Wants to Beat Up a Millionaire
  192. Sega Going Mobile
  193. Question about Jet Grind Radio
  194. updates on PSO
  195. Do you have 4 DC controllers?
  196. Extremely good semi-tech articles about DC and PS2...
  197. is the POD2 racing demo online?
  198. What 3D fighting game is better than Soul Calibur?
  199. 3 for the price of 1
  200. Virtua Tennis question...
  201. Dreamcast: Restoring the gaming to Repeater....
  202. Dragon Ball Z?
  203. Looney Tunes Space Race
  204. Xtreme Sports - How is iT????
  205. Cannon Spike wallpaper?!
  206. Whats up with this forum?
  207. Swirlie......
  208. Call me weird but.......
  209. Fighting Vipers 2, Daytona USA 2001, and Hundreds Swords new Movies
  210. Just a Reminder
  211. Does anyone still have the list of modem strings??
  212. Is SoA good enough to turn me into a RPG fan??
  213. Was the Genesis ever maxed out?
  214. I am here right now...swirlie
  215. Swirlie vs.Krakken: Clash of the Titans!
  216. Guilty Gear X...nuff said
  217. The Saturn fan's article
  218. Best Selling Saturn Games
  219. Smash Pack ~cover art~
  220. Jet Grind Radio Question
  221. please help a newbie
  222. Grandia II Gets a 9.2 @ IGN
  223. Anyone else here use the Dreamcast as their only internet appliance?
  224. my Dreamcast Mouse impressions...
  225. SWIRLIE!!!
  226. will the saga continue?
  227. Sega has GENIUSES working for them, GENIUSES I TELL YA! (sarcastic)
  228. what do you wanna see in shenmue2 ?
  229. 50% off @ FamilyWonder.com - NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!
  230. Devil May Care.....
  231. Swirlie.....can't log on.
  232. Anyone Get Starlancer?
  233. I just thought of this now........
  234. I want PSO, and I want it right f*ckin' now!!
  235. SNES games on Dreamcast??
  236. Soul Survivor attacks Daily Radar!!
  237. There should be a N64 emu for dreamcast
  238. Vote for best DC ad, TV or magazine.
  239. What game this year, surprised you the most?
  240. Is NHL2K as "fun" as EA's NHL2001 for PS2? Sim or Arcade?
  241. b.r.o.a.d.b...a....n..d
  242. The hype is dying! Get those paddles in here!!!!
  243. Go out ang get your "TV Guide" guys....look!
  244. Got Grandia 2 yet?
  245. Gamefan is DEAD
  246. Saturn Help
  247. I now hate Sony, and with good reason.
  248. UT
  249. I now own my first pirated game.
  250. I'm selling my Dreamcast....