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  1. Where's the Hype
  2. Excite Bike?
  3. Mwhahahahahahaha (hahah)
  4. Want to buy N64 System and controllers
  5. Which Games Will You Be Playing?
  6. Redneck Metroid (aka the most homosexual article that i have ever read in my life)
  7. NO MORE N64
  8. Pikachu 64
  9. NGC is gonna kick ass!
  10. favorite 8-bit n.e.s. games?
  11. Super Mario 64: the stars you never could get.
  12. Thanksgiving Nintendo Style!
  13. What was the most difficult star to get in Mario64??
  14. Fav N64 Game Soundtrack
  16. EGM Review Scores Jan. Issue
  17. Banjo Tooie
  18. To Blues or not to Blues?
  19. Do you need mod chip on N64 in order to play imports?
  20. The Greatest Nintendo Game of All Time
  21. Hey, the N board didn't lose any posts
  22. alright then since this board is dead plz
  23. turok 3 and TWINE
  24. An Angel Playing GameBoy
  25. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
  26. TWINE impressions please!!!
  27. The next N64 you really, really, REALLY want
  28. EB had some decent games for 10 bucks!
  29. ready2rumbleround2
  30. Anyone actually thinks Gamecube will be on schedule?
  31. Puyo Puyo 4 for GBC review
  32. When will or at least SHOULD the GBA hit US shores?
  33. Kid Icarus, Where Are You?
  34. Banjo-Tooie Impressions! Come join the fun!
  35. Dragon Quest III for GBC review
  36. Crystalis for GBC
  37. 1942 for GBC review
  38. Street Fighter Alpha for GBC review
  39. Star Wars Battle for Naboo
  40. Just got a GBC...need a few games
  41. Why is Tetris DX going for $45+ on Ebay? Is it RARE?
  42. Will the GBA be able to play GBC games?
  43. Do you save your Gameboy boxes?
  44. Nintendo is evil for having the expansion pack
  45. Silver or Gold...which one is better?
  46. Need Ideas For New Web Page
  47. Blues Brothers 2000 Reviewed
  48. 1942 (GBC) Reviewed
  49. Super Mario Bros is the worst movie EVER!
  50. Two Game Boy Color Reviews courtesy of Shin
  51. $95 for a GBA and $45 for a game...
  52. Question: RPGs for the GBA?
  53. How come the N64 has no RPG's?
  54. GBA questions...
  55. Gamecube game cases
  56. GBA launch games (Japan)
  57. Suikoden on the GBA??
  58. What ever happened to Taito?
  59. What's with the Mary-Kate and Ashley games on GBC?
  60. An RPG for the Cube!
  61. anyone buying mario tennis for the gbc
  62. Tekken on GBA!!!
  63. Two MORE Konami games for the GBA (RPGs this time....)
  64. Harvest Moon 64.... anyone want it?
  65. Sin & Punishment... should I purchase?
  66. Mega Man 64
  67. what's the outlook for 3rd party support on the GC?
  68. N64 Hard Drive??
  69. All I really wanted was...
  70. What color of GBA will you be getting?
  71. Magic Vacation.... whos got the info?
  72. Game Boy Advance Screenshot Overload
  73. Remember that starwars game on n64
  74. Topic Transfer test, please ignore
  75. Multiplayer Madness!!!
  76. Pikachu 64
  77. Dr Mario for N64!!
  78. Super Mario World
  79. Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI coming GBA?
  80. The Funniest media quote.... ever!
  81. Consider Me a Part Of the Gamecube Fam now
  82. NEW Golden Sun and Mario Advance screens!
  83. Nothing from Square
  84. Sweet Jebus!
  85. Well Shin Looks Like Your Wish Might Come True
  86. Chu Chu Rocket Advance
  87. Paper Mario?
  88. N64 Multiplayer
  89. Gamecube vs the pet rock
  90. GB Assembler
  91. Paper Mario.....
  92. GBC mini reviews
  93. Should I get a GBC?
  94. IGN=Racist?
  95. Its official: GBA not gonna make its July release date....
  96. I think I'm gonna hurl!
  97. Paper Mario... One of the best games EVER!
  98. GBA GT *drool*
  99. GCN Metroid a fps!!!
  100. What game(s) you picking up for GBA launch?
  101. 25 New Shots Of Mario Advance
  102. 6 New Shots of F-Zero Advance
  103. What's with the lack of GCN news?
  104. Zelda for GBC...when?
  105. Info On Rayman Advance
  106. Am I mistaken or was "The Lost Levels" supposed to be on SMB-Dx?
  107. NFL2K2 is a GameCube LAUNCH GAME, RRV and Tekken in the works as well
  108. NGC will be purple.
  109. WOW. PS what?! X-Box who?
  110. How well will the GCN do 2D?
  111. Dinosaur Planet to be GCN launch game
  112. When to sell GBC
  113. NAMCO leaving Sony for Nintendo GameCube???
  114. Nintendorks.com
  115. Earthworth Jim Advance
  116. GBA... best console ever? Umm... Yes. (duh)
  117. Conker's BFD, Who's Getting this?
  118. Finally interested in an N64...
  119. Conkers Bad Fur Day Commercial
  120. ROM peddler busted
  121. Wanna know why Zelda and Mario are still the best games?
  122. a couple of questions concerning the GBA...
  123. which is the best platformer on the SNES: Mario or DKC(original)
  124. should Zelda have stayed in 2D?
  125. Japanese Commercials ahoy!
  126. GBA too small for American hands?
  127. Is anyone else kinda pissed Acclaim slapped Nintendo in the face?
  128. First Metroid, now Star Fox.....
  129. GBA Launch Prices and Lineup Revealed!!
  130. Decision for the day
  131. GameCube launch dates!
  132. anyone gotten conker yet?
  133. I hate to jynx us
  134. GBA regional lockouts
  135. Sega and Nintendo - Their joint RPG?
  136. A concern about GBA...
  137. The 50 greatest Nintendo games of all time
  138. Sum of the sweetest fudging box art I've ver seen. In my life.
  139. A question for you Nintendo Fans?
  140. Big_Bag_Man's new favorite console
  141. Where are all the topics?
  142. First Looks at Final Fight and Street Fighter Advance!
  143. First Look at Breath Of Fire Advance
  144. Famitsu is ca-ca-crazy
  145. waverace 64 is one of the best nintendo games, hands down
  146. GameCube delayed in Japan but not in US?
  147. GBA DAY!!!!!!!!
  148. Nintendo ask retailers not to push Xbox!
  149. The Conker Backlash
  150. Kuru Kuru Kururin
  151. The *real* future of gaming
  152. embarrassing
  154. Any chance we will see MGS2 on GameCube?
  155. EGM Review Scores for May
  156. Does the NGC's unique game discs mean they will be more expensive?
  157. If you didn't have reason to get a GBA before, NOW YOU DO.
  158. Can anyone please tell me why?
  159. just bought a gba on ebay
  160. GCN will rock the world pspoo Crackbox beware
  161. Wal-Mart drops N64 to $69.99
  162. Beware the Wide Boys!
  163. Gamecube for US $150?
  164. GBA sales
  165. Emberassing Question
  166. Nintendo's President
  167. Rockman(Megaman)EXE? Is it coming to america?
  168. favorite 8-bit n.e.s. games
  169. Super Street Fighter Advance First Movie + New Screens
  170. Why exactly didn't NES games work right?
  171. Dirty Sanchez, your opinions on Paper Mario
  172. It's tough being a Nintendo fan right now...
  173. GameCube delay?
  174. New GBA color announced
  175. Nintendo's game may be over
  176. I bought a GBA Tonight!
  177. IGN rips Forbes a new asshole
  178. What not to do with your GBA
  179. Hands on with a GBA and...
  180. Most wanted GBA game
  181. Will N64 games ever go down in price?
  182. Conker sales have been pitiful.
  183. Jet Force Gemeni: Whats it like?
  184. Is this for real PSX , N64 on PC?
  185. Thinking of importing....
  186. Online petition for more Mature titles on NGC
  187. Having to have "Mature" titles is overrated.
  188. GBA Pokemon Edition enveiled
  189. GAMECUBE MSNBC Article
  190. Capcom reaffirms RE Zero is a GameCube-only title
  191. How long have you been playing games and how has it affected you?
  192. Sega just lost my support
  193. old school
  194. Big_Bag_Man should be mod of this forum!
  195. Holy Shit!
  196. Sonic Advance
  197. Should Nintendo forgive Square?
  198. Need to add to my GBC game list
  199. GameCube release delayed in Japan
  200. You don't think NGC will win now do you?
  201. SEGA to Heavily Support GameCube
  202. Kirby Tilt 'n' Roll
  203. Ahahaha! Yamauchi is such a nut!
  204. Tony Hawk 3 IS coming to GameCube
  205. Phantasy Star Online on Multiple Consoles?
  206. What are the Most-haves on GB?
  207. neo geo pocket
  208. hahahahahahaaha
  209. Nintendo must be showing quite a bit at E3.....
  210. WWF No Mercy
  211. Crash and Spyro Coming to GameCube this fall
  212. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
  213. Fav Videogame Character?
  215. I just got a brand new copy of super mario kart for snes!
  216. GBA impressions...
  217. Do you Naboo?
  218. Sell old Nintendo games for cash...
  219. Gamecube launch worries me
  220. Nintendo continues to dominate sales charts
  221. More confirmation on N64 game cancellations
  222. 1 thing you can count on
  223. Is Mario Party 3 the last N64 game?
  224. I played a GBA at EB
  225. funcoland + GBA = bad service
  226. just preordered my gamecube....
  227. What color GBA are you getting?
  228. What are your GBA launch titles?
  229. Holy crap! EA announces 10 GameCube titles!
  230. Sweet Merciful Crap! Rogue Squadron 2 IN-GAME pics!
  231. who here is getting GBA...
  232. Anyone know what games will be at the GBA launch?
  233. Who is Bern and where the hell is he?!?!?!?!
  234. GBA games are hella expen$ive!
  235. New Zelda GBC games are out
  236. Game Cube's official logo
  237. StarFox Adventure: Dinosaur Planet and Donkey Kong Racing GC videos...
  238. I was putting off getting a GBA...
  239. Super Smash Bros. Melee
  240. Luigi's Mansion
  241. Sorry - But I'm getting a NGC
  242. Pikmin
  243. GameCube launch date!
  244. Gamecube avatars (Me is bored)
  245. E3 2001 - Star Fox Adventures
  246. E3 2001 - Luigi's Mansion
  247. More drool material: Nintendo HAS E3
  248. PSO ver 2 Comes to GC